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The 'conscience clause' to be proposed in a Private Member's Bill

The sincerely held views of Christians are as important to them as a gay person's views are to them. Should be live and let live.

Joy Smith

Christians are entitled to promote their beliefs and like it or not we are a Christian country.

Charles Wilkinson

Christians have no more right to have their beliefs enshrined in law than Jedis do.

Matthew Nugent

A private company made a decision as it has done on various orders in the past. They have every right to control their own business without being forced to promote a cause they do not believe in.

Jordan Greer

They weren't asked to promote anything and once they accepted the order they were bound by law to see it through.

Martin McGeown

If you cannot fairly represent all the people in this country because of your religion, you shouldn't be allowed to make the laws that govern them.

Stacey-Anne Averill

Who cares? They didn't want to bake a cake that promoted something they didn't believe in. They didn't refuse him on the basis that he was gay. Go to another bakery!

Naomi Nonmom Muldrew

Ashers have been roundly panned here and at no time have they been in any way homophobic! They have simply said that they don't want to make a cake with a slogan that they disagree with; let's be a little more careful about slaying folks for what they believe and maybe demonstrate a little more tolerance for other people's point of view.

Roy Ferguson

Politics and religion should not mix. And those claiming being Christian gives them the right to discriminate against people really need to go and read the New Testament again.

Christopher McElroy

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