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The dark side of our circuses

It's hardly surprising that poor Baby made a bid for freedom from the misery of her circus prison (News, March 28).

As infants, elephants used in circuses are torn away from their mothers and beaten, whipped and shocked - repeatedly - to force them to perform tricks that are often painful and confusing.

Bullhooks (rods resembling fireplace pokers with sharp metal hooks on the end) are common.

With the harrowing footage of Annie the elephant being beaten by 'handlers' at Bobby Roberts Circus still fresh in our minds, just how many more of these wonderful and complex beings are we going to allow to suffer before wild animal acts are banned?

It is sheer luck that no one was hurt during this latest incident.

Animal circuses are dangerous for people and a living hell for animals and it's high time that they were relegated to history, with cock-fighting, bear-baiting and other 'entertainment'.


Peta UK

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