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The divisive attempts of Trotskyist socialists to infiltrate Labour Party in Northern Ireland won't prove effective


Daniel Waldron (Write Back, August 14) is less than candid in stating that he and other current members of the Socialist Party entering the ranks of the Labour Party in Northern Ireland (LPNI) "joined to help defend (Jeremy) Corbyn and build a broad and cross-community Left".

The evidence suggests otherwise.

As Daniel is well-aware, Labour Party rules explicitly prohibit members of rival political parties, which have their own separate and distinct policies and agendas, from joining.

The Socialist Party (formerly Militant Tendency) is widely regarded as a fundamentalist Trotskyist sect, with a long and ignominious history of infiltrating larger and more electorally popular parties with the objective of manipulating them from within and purging opponents through divisive behaviour.

Its members have been expelled from the British Labour Party, the Irish Labour Party and the former Northern Ireland Labour Party for precisely that reason. Most recently, the LPNI expelled a member who was also in the Socialist Party because he stood in an election here for the Socialist Party's latest front, the Cross Community Labour Alternative. The jury is out as to whether the LPNI - if ever allowed to contest elections in Northern Ireland - would fare any better at the polls than the Conservative Party has.

It's fair to say that electoral credibility and party unity will not be enhanced by the presence of cuckoos in the nest.

Michael McKeown


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