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The electorate cannot afford more nonsense

The arrogance of the DUP never fails to amaze me. The General Election is, apparently, not about jobs or investment, nor is it about a proper voice for Northern Ireland in the national Parliament. Apparently, according to Peter Robinson, it's about "Ulster's future".

Well, in my humble opinion, if truth be told, it's more about Peter Robinson's future than anything to do with Ulster.

The DUP, having crashed around Northern Ireland for nearly 40 years in general and having been in the premier spot for the last five, have nothing to show for their time in power.

While Peter Robinson may extol the successes of the all-party Executive as his own personal success, he cleverly hides the obvious disasters, like education, or the failure to deliver a stable economy.

So why should a Westminster election, in the context of devolution, be so crucial to 'Ulster's future'? If there was any credibility in this statement, Mr Robinson would be informing us as to how he hopes to influence the next Government, telling us his key priorities for the national stage.

Instead, we are fed the fantasy politics we here in Northern Ireland have become so used to.

Sadly, due to the failure of the UUP to contest seats, it is highly likely that all the DUP's outgoing MPs will be returned, but as the last five years have shown, voting for second-raters gives you second-rate representation.

If we, the electorate, allow Peter Robinson to get away with this 'Ulster's future' nonsense, then we, the electorate, don't deserve a proper voice at Westminster.


Millisle, Co Down


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