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The future cost of neglecting special needs

Due to Education Minister John O'Dowd's proposed changes to educational needs, more schools are now moving on children with disabilities whose behaviour is not subtle or easily overlooked.

Children are being repeatedly suspended from school, parents are being asked not to send children to school or asked to find another school that best fits their children's needs.

Some children are on their third school placement, passed from one to another until they find a school willing to make reasonable adjustments to support a disabled child.

But now that schools are being told that 50% of statemented children will lose their statements, more schools are deciding that they will no longer be able to support disabled children without the extra funding the children get from a statement.

To the wider community of Northern Ireland, anyone of us could have a child with a disability and that child could be affected by these proposals.

What we sow we reap, so how much will so many children without an education cost the Northern Ireland economy in the future?



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