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The future is looking very bleak for unionism

The recent statement by Gerry Adams tells the real strategy behind SF/IRA's current underlying obsession with the devolution of policing and justice.

A staging post is exactly what it is and, once conceded and passed through our opposition-less Assembly, it is irreversible.

The all-Ireland dynamic pursued by both governments will encourage these dimensions to strengthen and grow across the border, and conjoin this crucial stratum of government.

The DUP, if they agree to this deal, all in name of progress and the usual empty soundbites, will have not just failed the unionist community, but the many victims of terrorist violence.

The rest of the law-abiding people of Northern Ireland will have to stomach the representatives of the IRA sitting in an Executive in charge of policing and justice, and being privy to all sorts of classified material. The media is currently occupying their usual position of toeing the NIO line of regarding this current deal as being good for Northern Ireland, where, in truth, it will be a disaster and hugely immoral.

Even worse, after the upcoming elections, if the unionist vote is split, as I believe it will be, and the former Bogside IRA commander is up for First Minister and nationalists vote in their droves, there is a distinct possibility nationalists could outvote a deeply lethargic unionist electorate.

Unionists are being persecuted, our rights are neglected, there is widespread employment discrimination in the civil service and policing, our culture is being eroded, and republicans are constantly contradicting their utopian view of a shared future by showing a glimpse of a future of no future for unionism.


Comber, Co Down


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