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The genuine refugees can be helped more when we tackle those who are abusing our generosity

In his letter (Write Back, April 20), Mark Holt deplores the deportation of orphaned refugee children. He is right. We should - and could - do far more to help refugees, especially orphans.

That this is not the case is due not to any lack of resources but to complete failure - indeed refusal - of the powers-that-be to enforce proper use of the ample funds already available specifically to help those in genuine fear and need.

The vast amounts of money we already give in foreign aid abroad and in support for migrants who, despite that aid, arrive here must be used to do what it is meant to.

The large and increasing numbers of opportunistic economic migrants falsely posing as refugees must be stopped from arriving freely and soaking up resources needed for genuine ones. That means a complete tightening-up on the massive abuse of our national generosity.

Unfortunately, because our Government is not prepared to crack down on the endemic abuses, much (if not most) of the aid meant to be for the really needy or endangered is wasted, squandered or just plain stolen.

Example: corrupt recipient governments who do nothing for their needy with their share of our massive 0.7% GDP foreign aid budget. Squirrel it away in personal Swiss accounts, or give it straight back by buying British arms to oppress their poor.

Example: immigrant chancers who impersonate real refugees and abuse our benefits, housing, health and education.

They come from non-dangerous places all over north Africa and dump their passport or ID so they can claim to be Somali or Syrian, or like one recently, to be fleeing oppression in Iran.

Just two examples of myriads in the gross mismanagement of policing implementation of our foreign aid and of our response to the hysterical bandwagon of opportunist migration that is depriving those fleeing in real need not only of material help, but of the sympathy of an inherently generous society sick and tired of being exploited by the opportunism of impostors.


Carrickfergus, Co Antrim

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