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The lambasting of McConnell is hypocritical

RUTH Dudley Edwards (News, June 9) makes a series of interesting points highlighting a number of issues in spite of her own inaccuracies and prejudices, which she feels free to express without anyone threatening to execute her.

First, why and by whom was the McConnell sermon circulated? This is the thing that is overlooked. Why this sermon and why now? These things have been said by many and not in the pulpit, but as editorials in national papers.

Second, why should the response be to throw public money to a religion where female mutilation, child brides and execution of converts to Christianity are the norm?

Third, why are journalists themselves so miserably weak when it comes to analysis and critique beyond the usual rhetoric? Why is it that the persecution of Christians has reached such a level that the former Chief Rabbi has called the silence an embarrassment?

Fourth, she speaks of a vacuum filled by bigots. The problem is that McConnell has been around for a very long time. He is hardly filling a vacuum.

Fifth, her seeming support for Anna Lo rings hollow in that neither have condemned the wholesale destruction of Christian meeting houses in China, or the imprisonment and execution of Christian ministers.

Perhaps when she, along with the other apologists, consider all this they might feel less inclined to throw away taxpayers' money.

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