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The legal right to hunt animals must come to an end

THE slaughter of Cecil the lion has attracted worldwide anger and odium. While this reaction is justified, we must not forget that we have our own version of Cecil's killers.

Our bloodsports community will shortly commence hunting and killing wildlife for their entertainment during the winter months.

The right to hunt animals for sport is a man-created right. The cruelty industry built up around live hunting creates and sustains the culture of the bully - that might is right; that you can use and abuse whoever is weaker than yourself.

As we listen to the twisted logic from those who go out in the countryside to engage in hunting, we realise they are attempting to justify animal abuse.

Hunt followers can plead tradition, social enjoyment and communicating with nature. But none of this verbal whitewash will support the claim that the right to hunt should remain part of what we are. Nothing can - or will - justify killing animals for pleasure.

When the right to hunt is removed, what will be the effect on society?

Will society stop evolving and come to a sudden halt? The answer is: no, it won't.

The positive aftershocks of a ban on live hunting will be felt at all levels of society. We can finally enjoy an animal violence-free countryside. At last we can experience nature and its wildlife in peace.

No more will the sounds of animals being hunted and killed ring out through the countryside.


Association of Hunt Saboteurs

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