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The Lottery takes nobody for a ride

I CAN assure John Mooney (Write Back, February 20) that the great British public are not "being taken for a ride" by the National Lottery as he asserts.

Under the terms of its licence to operate the National Lottery, Camelot has a duty of care to ensure that any winner has the option to remain anonymous.

This means that we are not permitted to reveal the identity of any winner unless they have opted to take publicity.

A prize-winner's right to anonymity also dictates the amount of information that we can reveal.

I am sure Mr Mooney can appreciate that, were we to release too-detailed information about a location, it would encourage lots of speculation

While not every winner of Millionaire Raffle will want to remain anonymous, I can assure him that the 15 millionaires the game has so far created have chosen to do so. To ensure that we maintain the integrity of the National Lottery, it is essential that we respect their wishes.


Commercial director, Camelot Group