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The Lottery's phantom winners

I AM a National Lottery Euromillions player and I play on their website.

Recently they introduced the weekly raffle millionaire draw with an increase in the price of the ticket from £1.50 to £ 2-per-play. The increase was due, apparently, because a raffle ticket is included.

My friends and I have been watching to see who wins this raffle million every week since it was introduced and, so far, there has not been any publicity about any winners.

I decided to contact the National Lottery team and ask them why this was. They sent me their reply saying every player was protected by 'no publicity' rules.

I asked the same question again and again they sent me the same reply.

Surely not every player and winner of the raffle game necessarily wants to be anonymous? I am concerned that we, the great British public, are being taking for a ride.

Why, at least, does the National Lottery not publicise the area that the raffle million was won in if they can't publish the winner's identity?




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