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The media is selling us a pup over Syria

The Western mainstream media is selling a fixed line to its customers on the Syrian war.

Real journalists - such as Eva Bartlett, Lizzie Phelan and Robert Fisk - have recently visited Syria, and they tell a drastically different story.

The war in Syria is a mercenary war. The vast majority of Syrians support Bashar al-Assad.

The US and its Middle East allies, meanwhile, are directly and indirectly supporting Isis.

There's no such thing as the 'moderate rebels'. The sources used by the Western mainstream media are flawed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is run by one man living in Coventry who admits he last visited Syria 15 years ago.

Nobody in east Aleppo has heard of the 'White Helmets', even though they claim to have helped thousands.

We need to transform ourselves from customers of the mainstream media to savvy participants, otherwise we will continue to be sold horse meat labelled as beef steak.


Hillsborough, Co Down

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