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The narcissism of the talentless

Seminal thinkers such as Copernicus and Darwin laid out the fact that we humans are merely an ephemeral species inhabiting a tiny planet revolving around an undistinguished star in one galaxy among billions. One would have thought that their writings would have played to our narcissism. The opposite is the case.

In today's world everyone's goal seems to be to parade their entire lives on TV chat shows, lifestyle magazines and a multitude of social media outlets. Few today have not appeared on a chat show.

Do people suffer from this chronic desire to exhibit themselves precisely because they wish to mask the fact that they know they are useless?

By all means interview genuinely talented people like Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney, or interesting scientists such as Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking.

But the rest of you people who possess no discernible talent or intellectual ability, please keep to yourselves.

You really are of no interest to anyone else.


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