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The only way to stop cuts is to stand up now

I was disappointed to read that the editorial of this paper has pinned the blame of the student riots in London on ‘anarchist elements’ (November 11).

Firstly this assumption is based on a misguided view that students are incapable of acting in there own interests and underestimates the genuine anger and frustration out there.

As an anarchist, trying to compare a few broken windows with a government attacking workers rights and conditions, increasing job insecurity and imposing vicious cuts in social services such as education and healthcare, is misleading and ridiculous.

The violence witnessed on the streets of London is nothing in comparison to the daily violence inflicted on working class people in the form of police repression, job cuts and, now, planned welfare reforms.

If we are to defeat this increase in tuition fees and other attacks on our class we need to start learning from France and Greece and stop relying on opportunist politicians and student leaders.

We need to increase resistance and utilise the weapons of mass direct action in the form of strikes, occupations and blockades.

Anarchists strive for a classless and stateless libertarian communist society, where goods and services are distributed based on need, not profit.

Sean Matthews

Workers Solidarity Movement

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