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The onus is on all of us to curb radicalisation

Fr Matt Carpenter says (Write Back, August 8): "The mosques should lead the fight against Isil". Dare I suggest that, while mosques have a part to play, so, too, does his own Church?

You see, poverty, a lack of a sense of identity and a sense of injustice are often used to misguide young people into paths they would otherwise find repulsive.

I often see Catholics condemning Islamic attacks on Christians, while ignoring attacks on Muslims. We must be more vocal in condemning all outrages.

The Catholic Church is ideally placed not only to reach out to all Muslims - who must be feeling a certain amount of fear at the growing calls for strange and draconian rules - but even more so to reach out to young Muslims to refute any sense of isolation, or non-belonging.

We must strive to engender understanding between our young people and build on the commonality, charity and compassion that both Islam and Catholicism preach. It would not only stop radicalisation, but engender all our children with a sense of purpose and ownership of the brighter future we all hope for.


New South Wales, Australia

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