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The people castigating and scapegoating courageous, tenacious statesman Blair have very short memories

letter of the day: iraq war report aftermath

Regarding the fallout from the Iraq war on the arrival of the Chilcot Report, do those who clamour about the number of British servicemen who died recognise that more of them died in the Falklands war than in the Iraq war; that as many Iraqis died in the war with Iran into which Saddam led his own people than in the 2003 conflict; that Saddam was killing his own people in their hundreds of thousands, including with chemical weapons; that the violence in the Middle East, including Iraq, was set in motion by Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida by memory of the Muslim massacres in Bosnia and Kosovo?

This region was going to be a quagmire because of many issues other than the Allied invasion of Iraq. Iraq, subsequently Syria, and perhaps other countries have used chemical weapons. Does the rest of the world just stand by and allow this to happen? And what about the similar war in Afghanistan, about which no one seems to complain?

Also, Tony Blair, on his own, did not go to war with Iraq; it was led by the US and accompanied by 42 other countries. The clamour to castigate Tony Blair is nothing more than scapegoating by others who have other axes to grind.

Do people in Northern Ireland forget that it was only by Tony Blair's tenacity that the peace process we now enjoy ever took place?

Also: does anyone recall the state of the country, in particular our health service, when the old brigade of Conservatism fell to Labour in 1997?

At that time Britain had become the bin of Europe and it was the unique leadership of his government that restored honour and statesmanlike behaviour to our lives in the UK, Europe and beyond.

I am ashamed of the short memories and short-sighted rabble of loud voices with little to say other than sling mud at those who had to have the courage to act in the face of frightful circumstances.


Randalstown, Co Antrim

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