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The pictures can be great again

FOR many years, one of the greatest ways to relax was a visit to the cinema. As we used to ask in the 1960s and 1970s: "Are yous going into town to the pictures?"

With all the stress and depression in today's world, a few hours at a good film is one way of trying to cope with life. The only problem is that most of the films are aimed at a younger audience – very hi-tech, 3-D and so on.

So, to my surprise, last week I visited the cinema twice to see two excellent movies. The first, Captain Phillips, with Tom Hanks, was just superb. The second, Philomena with the wonderful Judi Dench had great humour.

Filmmakers: take note. Make more movies like these, so we can again "go into town to the pictures" and relax for a few hours.


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