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The poppy is solely a matter for the British Legion

I would have thought the poppy should be respected as the exclusive emblem for use by The Royal British Legion.

The poppy should not be used by anyone else - emblazoned or otherwise by others on their particular 'bandwagon' or sports gear.

The FA, Wales and England football teams were out-of-order. It is not for FIFA to refuse or agree to the poppy being displayed as a logo.

As a courtesy, all these people should have deferred to The Royal British Legion on the matter of wearing the poppy.

I suppose if this hi-jacking of the poppy is to continue, we can look forward to next year to the Nike logo appearing on poppy wreaths or maybe the poppy appearing on the side of a tin of baked beans!

The Royal British Legion should not surrender their poppy emblem. It must remain the sole prerogative and honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to place a poppy wreath at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, on behalf of a grateful nation, and no-one else (including a bunch of footballers).

I am once again grateful and thankful to the Bangor Branch of The Royal British Legion who over the past many years has placed a poppy cross on my father's grave (Sapper, Royal Engineers) in a quiet and dignified act of remembrance.