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The President-elect beat a rigged system

James McCarthy (Write Back, November 18) is right about the rigged US election. But it was rigged for Hillary. Trump beat it and, in the process, saved the planet from further death and destruction.

Examine why America's founding fathers designed the electoral system the way they did. They knew rule by a simple majority can mean the eventual tyranny of the majority over the minority, leading to conflict when change becomes impossible through political means.

The electoral college system ensures that every state has a chance of influencing the choice of president. That way, states with the largest populations don't then get to choose who becomes president in perpetuity.

In the US system, people don't directly vote for president. Votes for the candidates are allocated proportionally to electors in each state, who in turn cast their votes for President in the electoral college.

This means the electors act as proxies for the people, so that the presidential candidate must win on a state-by-state basis.

And, yes, the system was rigged against Trump. The mainstream American media - a rotten row of vested interests - lined up almost unanimously on Clinton's side and ignored scandals.

"Active rigging" by the print and electronic media included giving Clinton sight of questions in advance of the presidential debates and, most nefarious, issuing rigged polls showing Clinton far ahead right up to election day.

Reports that three million migrants might have illegally voted for Hillary may or may not be true. If true, Trump may well have won the popular vote anyway.

He can now say, with some satisfaction: "Hillary. You're fired."


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