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The PSNI were like knights in shining armour

On our way to an important hospital appointment recently, and already feeling worried and anxious, my sister and I were distraught when my car came to a standstill on the hard shoulder.

After many fruitless phonecalls to try to sort out breakdown recovery, I was becoming increasingly upset and worried about missing my appointment.

But help appeared in the form of a PSNI highway patrol car.

They were amazing. They took control of the situation for me, sorted out the 'dead' car and even drove my sister and I to the hospital before heading back to supervise the pick-up of the car.

In my view, they went far beyond what they were required to do.

So often the PSNI are given negative publicity, but my sister and I will never forget their kindness that day and their understanding of the situation.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim


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