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The real creation question: did it happen?

I was intrigued to pick up the Belfast Telegraph and find the words 'keep God out of science' on the front page (July 11).

Instead of finding a well-written argument inside about the relationship between science and religion, I found a secular attack on how Christianity is wrong which developed into an opinion on opposition to abortion.

I quickly realised the piece was part of the Comment section of the paper and so has to be provocative in order to excite discussion. And that Fionola Meredith did.

The Causeway exhibit was simply an avenue into venting some personal opinions. To think more about the Causeway situation would mean unpacking exactly what Christians believe and the wide scope of opinion and interpretation on how we came to be here. Many conservative Christians hold to the idea of a literal six-day creation; others don't. The real question is whether or not the earth was created at all.

Is there a scientist behind the scenes who designed and built a complex, multi-layered system that sustains life? Or did it all happen by chance?

It is not stupid, or irrational, to believe in a created world. There is no physical evidence yet for the Big Bang theory (that's why it's still a theory).

Much of scientific thought talks in terms of theory, yet we still teach it as fact. Should all theories and their supporting evidence not be treated the same?


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