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The real reason Sinn Fein blocks welfare cuts

SINN Fein's political success is based upon keeping people dependent on benefits and other hand-outs.

It's little wonder the TD for Louth and some of his colleagues in Sinn Fein are so opposed to welfare reform.

The last thing Gerry Adams wants is people in west and north Belfast, Derry, or any other deprived community in which the party is strong, getting off benefits, into jobs and out of poverty.

Sinn Fein's political future is based on keeping people poor and making them feel helpless. If people weren't dependent on benefits, they might not feel dependent on Sinn Fein and that would pose a terrible threat to the party. If deprived areas were prosperous, with plenty of employment, it would loosen Sinn Fein's vice-like grip.

Neither Gerry Adams nor any other politician has been able to articulate an argument for not helping people off dependency on benefits. Neither has Sinn Fein come up with a single idea about the type of welfare system it wants to see, as opposed to simply blocking reform.

Its politicians stick to making snide remarks about Tories and mouthing platitudes about "protecting the vulnerable". Make no mistake: there is no benefit for Sinn Fein in genuinely helping the vulnerable.

The party has a vested interest in keeping communities poor, vulnerable and dependent. That's the reason it is the most intractable opponent of welfare reform.


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