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The Republic must fight tooth and nail against any imposition of a disastrous EU hard border

Letter of the day: brexit realities

It is not simply the prospect of an EU hard border across Ireland, but a hard border across and down through the Irish Sea that alarms Dublin and the Republic of Ireland's former Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern (News, February 13).

The focus on the problems it would bring for Northern Ireland is a smokescreen to hide the reality for all. A hard border would bring to an end not only the common travel area, but also the common labour market within and between these Britannic isles (a geographical term in historic use that long pre-dates the arrival of Saxon or English and the coming of England) with consequences for all.

Our local politicians and the multiplicity of parties seem, as ever, too busy with party or inter-party rivalries or who gets what, never mind the issue of good governance, to comprehend this.

It is ironic that the concern with a common travel area and the interrelatedness of these islands (what was once the concern of the unionist-minded before rupture and confusion rampaged through unionism) is now a concern to Dublin, even to Sinn Fein (having thrown a separatist, socialist republic into the dustbin, it now ardently embraces the common travel area and common labour market as a concern and opposes the imposition of a hard border).

But if the Republic has the sovereignty to refuse a hard border (and Bertie Ahern should know if it has), then it should exercise that sovereignty now - not wait until the event - and inform Brussels that it will not stand for the introduction of such a border.



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