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The shambles in Ulster Rugby isn't Tele's fault

I write with disappointment at Ian Rainey's rather condescending letter (Write Back, February 10).

Far be it from me to defend Steven Beacom. As an Irish League fan, I know Mr Beacom's coverage can be irksome at times.

But to criticise the Belfast Telegraph for the way Ulster Rugby has knifed its coach is akin to blaming Belfast shipyard workers for the sinking of the Titanic.

Ulster stand on the cusp of a winnable game in the quarter-final of the premier club rugby competition. So what does a team on the up, hoping to be the greatest club team in the world, do?

What any 'world-class' professional team would do: tell their coach he is rubbish, fit only for the Schools' Cup, but leave him in the job and tell him: now win that quarter-final.

With professionalism like that, I'm sure the top coaches will be forming an orderly queue.

If Ulster really is "in the world of professional business", as Ian Rainey contends, perhaps it should appoint as leader the only man who has displayed similar 'professionalism' in recent times. I refer to UUP leader, Tom Elliott.

It seems Ulster Rugby has taken a play from the Ulster Unionist coaching manual. Let's hope Ulster Rugby gets back on track and doesn't sink further into the oblivion of their political namesakes.



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