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The state needs to block News Corp's Sky deal

In light of the allegations of the stomach-turning News of the World hacking of Milly Dowler's mobile phone (News, July 6), it's almost impossible to get one's head round the idea that - as this scandal rumbles relentlessly on - the Government is apparently happy to preside over a further vast increase in the media power of the organisation at the very centre of the scandal.

While much remains to be proven, it does seem that there is something systemically suspect with large parts of News International - manifested by a ruthless disregard for the rights of citizens in the pursuit of 'news'.

Their status as a fit and proper organisation to control a massive chunk of our media must be in doubt to anyone with half a brain.

Against this fetid background, surely the Government must find a way to show some backbone, exercise its responsibility and put a brake on the whole BSkyB acquisition process until the facts are known.


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