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The Stormont Executive needs to just cut it out

As the nation waits in fear and trepidation for the proposed cuts in public spending, may I offer the following suggestions to the name-calling, finger-pointing, blame-laying, back-slapping cabal that passes for a legislative administration at Stormont?

Since its inception as a devolved government, it has proved beyond doubt that it is incapable of lifting itself out of the mire of petty, parochial, street-corner, flag-waving, bickering sectarianism.

The politicians there are bereft of any ideas on how to handle the important issues facing us all, or how to administer the huge budget that this place receives from the Exchequer.

Our living standards are going to be further trodden into the bog.

So here are my suggestions before they start hitting the poor, the sick and the needy:

• Cut down on the number of MLAs;

• Cut their salaries by at least 5%;

• Cut their expenses;

• Cut the millions spent on consultants;

• Cut the millions spent on useless quangos;

• Cut the vast layers of unneccessary management in the Health Service, and;

• Cut the millions given to paramilitaries for the painting-over of their ugly graffitti.

Finally, the biggest cut of all: cut the c**p. Maybe if they adopted some of these measures we wouldn't have to bail them out yet again.