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The Theory of Evolution is a false teaching and human invention in order to deny the Lord God

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Dear Honest Man (Write Back, September 12), as a Christian, I do not deny that new strains of bacteria, new colours of moths and new breeding habits of birds have developed in the light of changing environments.

However, I do deny the "Theory of Evolution" - that life started with simple, bacteria-like life, then "evolved" up to insect level, then up to mammal level, culminating in human beings.

In your examples, the bacteria are still bacteria, the moths are still moths and the birds are still birds. This is just the result of natural selection from within the existing gene-pool of the species. It is called micro-evolution.

The "macro-evolution" which you are talking about could never happen. In order to achieve this development, there would have had to somehow be a creation of new DNA and gene-pools, which is impossible due to the very nature of the reproductive process.

All of this completely agrees with what the Bible tells us - that in the beginning God created all the various "kinds" of animal and plant life that we see. These kinds are broader groups than species, which were each given enough genetic material from which DNA could be selected, thus allowing for the variation considered above.

In reality, evolution is just a human invention in order to deny God. I would encourage you to read the Bible for yourself, asking the Lord to take away any prejudice you may have due to this false teaching. Ask God to open your eyes so you can be saved from your sin through Jesus Christ. You will never regret it.


Dundonald, Co Down

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