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The Trotskyist Socialist Party has no place within Labour and it will remain an electoral irrelevance



Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Daniel Waldron (Write Back, August 13) claims that Socialist Party members joining the Labour Party "never denied membership of our organisation".

In order to join in the first place, they would have had to conceal it, or they could not have been admitted under Labour's rules. It's called infiltration.

Encouraging Labour to split has always been their objective since the days of his party's predecessor, Militant Tendency (MT). Today, the MT has morphed into a less rabid-sounding organisation (the Socialist Party), but remains a fundamentalist Trotskyist sect, which has never supported all Labour candidates with a view to returning to government, only those willing to parrot their particular brand of dogma.

The Labour Party is simply too broad a church for them to encompass and Jeremy Corbyn has described them as Left sectarians, who will not be allowed re-admission into his party.

I reiterate the point I made about the electoral irrelevance of the Socialist Party and its latest front group, the Cross Community Labour Alternative.

It is not even the most popular Trotskyist party here. That honour belongs to People Before Profit (PBP), who can boast one MLA and one councillor and whose unsuccessful candidate in South Belfast out-polled the CCLA candidate there, whom Daniel seems to think achieved something notable in obtaining less than 1,000 votes.

It is reasonable to assume that candidates from the Socialist Party, in its own guise, or that of the CCLA, will not be troubling the corridors of Westminster, Stormont, or even a council chamber anytime soon.

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Perhaps they should try infiltrating PBP for a change. Just a thought.