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The true scandal behind image of dead Syrian child

Shocking though the picture of the dead Syrian child was (News, September 3), the background to it is even worse.

In Syria, every day children like this are in danger of being blown to pieces by barrel bombs dropped on their towns by their own government.

In his home town of Kobane, this boy's life would have been constantly threatened by the possibility of being brutally murdered by Isis, caught in the crossfire of a vicious battle for control, or randomly killed by US attempts to bomb Isis positions to the point where the whole town has been flattened.

The truly shocking part of it is that no legitimate route to safety was available to this little boy and his family due to the cowardice and inertia of many Western countries.

Late in the day, Germany and Sweden have set a humanitarian example, but there is still no safe route to them - quite the reverse.

This is the true scandal behind that heartbreaking image.


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