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The trust of the electorate will be repaid

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the voters of South Belfast for again placing their electoral trust in me to represent them for a second successive Parliamentary term.

The most important element in any election is always the electorate.

Their judgment, win or lose, must always be respected.

The fact that a total of 14,026 individuals decided to exercise their democratic right in support of me on May 6 was, and continues to be, an extremely humbling experience.

The analysis of the poll results reflected the fact that I was able to attract dramatically increased voter support from across this unique demographic - the political and cultural spectrum that makes up the face of South Belfast.

It was yet again a refreshing example of the mature and independent approach to politics that continues to be the hallmark of South Belfast.

My office, as always, continues to be open on behalf of every individual from every corner of South Belfast, irrespective of their private political affiliation, and whether they felt they could vote for me this time or not.

I am determined to do everything in my power over the tenure of the present Parliament to repay the trust invested in me by the people of South Belfast.