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The truth is out there if Fionola cares to look

Fionola Meredith wrote an interesting article in last Friday's Belfast Telegraph (Comment, August 19) around the opening of a new toy shop in the city centre. This is the first time I can ever recall a note of protest about such an event. The fact that the owner is "born again" or "evangelical" or "Christian" appears to be a source of difficulty.

If the truth claims of Christianity were "founded on superstition", as the article's author seems to infer, then it is very difficult to explain why, 20 centuries later, those truth claims have not been exposed as a sham.

Why does Fionola feel inclined to comment on them at all if she feels they are manifestly absurd?

Many people have ridiculed the truth claims of Christianity across the ages, but, on closer examination, have found them to be true.

Fionola might wish to look at the story of Frank Morrison, or read his book Who Moved The Stone?

Alternatively, if she is sincerely seeking to carefully explore the truth claims of Christianity, she might wish to complete the Alpha Course? This is on offer at many churches in the Belfast area and beyond if Fionola cares to look up the church websites.

There is, indeed, an Alpha Course on offer at Mount Merrion Parish Church starting next month.


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