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The truth, like charity, must begin at home

"stand, therefore, and gird your waist with the truth and put on the breastplate of integrity." This was St Paul's way of saying that honesty is the best policy.

Two thousand years later, that lesson is still not heeded by many governments, political parties, public services, banks and big businesses.

We also have insult added to injury by Sinn Fein, ignoring its inextricable links with the IRA's murder campaign, presuming to preach about truth, morality and reconciliation.

For two generations, the IRA murdered more than 2,000 people; its legacy distorting the values of the young, included the untimely deaths of 80 children.

Why no truth-telling, or acceptance of responsibly by those directing, planning and executing such heinous crimes?

In July 1972, three no-warning IRA car-bombs exploded in Claudy, killing nine people, including little Katherine Aiken.

Peter Wilson was murdered and secretly buried in 1973. His body was discovered 37 years later at Red Bay. In 1993,Tim Parry (12) and Jonathan Ball (3), were murdered, with 54 people injured, when two IRA bombs exploded in Warrington town-centre.

Reconciliation usually involves truth-telling, contrition and a willingness to make reparation.

It does not require international truth commissions. Like charity, it must begin at home.



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