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The ultimate truth on the Red Sea myth

Norman Campbell's response (Write Back, September 27) to your article proposing that a strong wind parted the Red Sea, allowing the escape of the Israelites (News, September 19) ignores several important points.

Firstly, the article says it was part of the Nile Delta, not the Red Sea, so where is the 'ultimate truth' there?

A strong, continuous 63mph wind blowing from the east for 12 hours might, indeed, have parted the waters of a shallow lake or lagoon, but not the Red Sea.

But the same wind would have made it impossible for the Israelites to flee eastwards: an adult can barely stand in such a wind and children would be blown off their feet.

And it would be almost unknown for such a very strong wind to blow continuously for 12 hours from the same direction.

And that's the ultimate truth.


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