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The Union flag could boost Dublin tourism

I'm not sure how flying a flag (any flag) is going to help. The sad fact is that Dublin (and much of the rest of Ireland) is ridiculously over-priced to go out. Since the economy turned-down, the cash inflow has dropped off and the fat-cats are suffering! Bar-owners and the tax-man are to blame for the malaise. It should not cost more to buy a pint of Guinness in Dublin than in New York!


What a load of nonsense. Walk through the busy area of Temple Bar in Dublin and you will see the Welsh, Scottish and English flags flying. Will John from England, David from Wales or Craig from Scotland be disappointed not to see Union jacks but instead their respective flags?.


I don't think that insulting the British is going to help. The British go on holiday in countries all over the world where there are no Union flags hanging from hotels and don't give a fig. Anything but face up to the real facts that as a tourist destination it is way overpriced and for the same money you can get to much more exotic destinations with guaranteed good weather.


A few years ago it was reasonably priced to go to Dublin and other cities in Ireland for weekends or short breaks. It then became really popular and very busy. As a result of the popularity some greedy bosses decided that as they were getting a near captive audience, they would push their prices up.

The trade then started to go elsewhere when people realised that they were being ripped off.

This isn't unique to the Republic though. In Belfast two weeks ago I went into a bar and got a pint. It cost £2.90. I then went to the bar opposite it, and the same beer cost £3.55. How come? I therefore have no sympathy for business owners anywhere who think consumers are daft.



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