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The UUP is a 'spent force'

Once again Reg Empey has shown just what a ridiculous politician he is.

He has claimed that the DUP's stance on the justice deal is bizarre and weird. Well, it is certainly not as bizarre and weird as the Ulster Unionists's alliance with the Conservative Party.

What political party of any substance is unable to select its Parlimentary candidates for a forthcoming election without first getting the approval of a party whose headquarters are 500 miles away in London?

What unionist party of any substance would be willing to sacrifice Fermanagh/South Tyrone and South Belfast because the Conservative Party is insisting that the Ulster Unionist Party must run a candidate in all 18 constituencies?

And what party of any substance would even think about brokering an alliance like this without first asking its only MP for an opinion?

Never mind being called the 'New Force', they seem more like a spent force to me.


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Carrickfergus, Co Antrim