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The Word of God will never lose authority

Brian McClinton of the Humanist Association of Northern Ireland wrote (Write Back, March 1) that most people in Ireland now think for themselves and refuse to be dictated to on moral matters by religious bodies. He highlighted education, same-sex "marriage" and abortion.

I approve of integrated education, having attended a mixed school myself.

Abortion is not simple. In the Belfast Telegraph (News, February 13), a woman described how, as a 13-year-old rape victim, she was forced into an abortion which left a legacy of suppressed grief and depression. Only when she received Christian counselling did she recover.

On same-sex "marriage", the Son of God concluded His teaching on marriage and divorce by saying: "What God has joined together let not man put asunder." It would be an insult to God to declare that He has joined together a same-sex couple.

Churches may fail in various ways and lose their authority. But the Word of God never does.


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