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The workers aren't ruining our economy

The Chancellor, George Osborne, accused striking public sector workers of damaging the economy. This is rich coming from a government which this year launched its own multi-million pound war on Libya - the cost of which is never mentioned.

We continue to wage an utterly pointless Vietnam replica in Afghanistan, which is not worth one young man's life, or the millions of pounds squandered supporting the US and a thoroughly corrupt regime there.

The cost of this too is never aired or brought out into the open for public scrutiny.

David Cameron (he of the £140,000 garden extension) announced that he would not be deflected from increasing foreign aid this year to Third World countries.

Accordingly, the billions we cannot afford will still go to corrupt regimes well-documented for turning this aid into guns and explosives to wage war against their neighbours and keep their poor in misery.

However, none of this is 'damaging the economy'.

It is only decent working people, trying to maintain minimum standards for themselves and their families, who are at fault.

People ask who elects these idiots and the answer, of course, is that we do.

When are we going to get the young of this country off their backsides and out to vote to ensure that our electorate is representative and the candidates we vote for have some relationship with reality?




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