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There's just no need for any shrine to terror

Edited version of original letter

Open letter to Peter Robinson and Mike Nesbitt:

In both of your open letters published over the past two days, you have referred to the rights and wrongs of having a Peace and Reconciliation Centre on the site of the former Maze Prison.

I'd like to pose a question, which, I believe, challenges both of you in your sterile argument. Why have a terrorist shrine anywhere?

Northern Ireland can never recover from its violent past, while we continue to create further sources of conflict by creating terrorist shrines anywhere, let alone the Maze. It does not matter where such a shrine is located. It should not be located anywhere. It should not, in fact, exist at all.

Any memorial celebrating terrorism is, by definition, wrong. Terrorism is a sanitised word for mass murder and, in our case, the killing of innocent civilians by an organisation whose primary belief was that the end justified the means.

The continuing links between terrorism and criminality testify to the need to obliterate the memory rather than celebrate it.

Your arguments are more about trying to create political difference between you, about "catching one another out" as it were, than they are about the concerns of ordinary people. So, Peter and Mike, I believe you are both missing the point. Should all unionists, of whatever party, not join together and reject a terrorist shrine anywhere and at any time ?


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