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There's no future for us if thuggery reigns

Rioting and street violence serve no purpose and it is a representation of those who want things to get worse - not better.

There was a feeling that the July 12th problems had subsided and everybody had grown up and accepted the need to mature.

Some people obviously have used the parades as a golden opportunity to destabilise all the good work that has been done and to ignite unnecessary tensions that would not otherwise be there.

These people are doing Northern Ireland no favours by their unruly conduct. Everything possible is being done to make sure these marches pass off peacefully; however, some elements are clearly determined to cause trouble and injury.

Attacks on marchers are also spinning off into an opportunity to attack the police and it can be concluded that these people want to cause as much chaos and disruption as possible.

This surely cannot represent the future of Northern Ireland and can only remind us of the bad days of old of no hope and insane violence.

The past will only give us the past and the endless black hole of darkness and turmoil. Many tourists, who bring valuable revenue into the economy by the jobs they create are scared away.

Northern Ireland deserves peace in the 21st century. Why not give it a chance by saying farewell to hooliganism and thuggery?

maurice fitzgerald

Shanbally, Co Cork

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