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There's no hierarchy of victims - let's move on

Now that the Prime Minister has given a clear apology for the killings that took place on Bloody Sunday, this would be a good time for the IRA to match this by releasing an unequivocal matching statement.

Loyalist counter-terrorists have already done this, but the IRA persists in maintaining a shamefully silent justification for its campaign of mass murder and destruction.

In this campaign, two other governments, those of the Irish Republic and Libya, were complicit in the arming of the IRA.

Libya has already held up its hands and admitted that it supplied the IRA with munitions - and compensation to the victims of these weapons may eventually be manifest.

The Irish government now needs to own up, too, and stop repeating the lie that its hands were clean throughout the Troubles. I'm happy for those innocent relatives of Bloody Sunday who have had their £200m investigation. But we need to recognise that there are tens of thousands of silent victims waiting for their enquiry that will never come.

Will Bloody Friday be next? Who was behind that day? This is a direct question to Gerry Adams.

The British Government has led the way. The time for the IRA to make these statements has now come - and the statements should be as transparent and as direct as that made by the Prime Minister. The Irish government needs to do likewise.

Let's clear the air once and for all so that we can all move on together and not see a hierarchy of victims.




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