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There's no justice for our security forces

I refer to your article, "Bomb survivor slams PSNI" (News, February 6).

I accept all that James Leatherbarrow says and, indeed, sympathise. But there are some discrepancies.

While Mr Leatherbarrow served in Northern Ireland, he would have worked closely with the Royal Ulster Constabulary. And I have no doubt would have had a very high opinion of them; both organisations working in tandem to stop terrorism.

The British military forces and the Royal Ulster Constabulary all wore the Queen's Crown and all took an oath of allegiance to the Queen.

Not so now. The PSNI do not wear the Crown, nor do they take the oath of allegiance to the Crown (against their human rights, of course).

While 'comfort letters' have been handed out to terrorist killers, for political reasons the PSNI must now chase members of the security forces who took instant decisions.

Now, 30 or 40 years later, so-called legal experts will decide if those instant decisions were correct.

Think about it: instant decision, or 30 to 40 years to decide their legality.

The PSNI is political, through and through. On the side of Sinn Fein, of course.


Comber, Co Down

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