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There's no place for Abbas views

On the eve of direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has told Jews living in Judea and Samaria (what he calls the 'West Bank') to pack up and leave.

This is in the wake of his recent comments in Cairo that not a single Jew will be allowed in any Palestinian state - period. A declaration wherein he has also reiterated that not a single Jewish soldier incorporated within any international peacekeeping force will be allowed to enter Palestine either.

This has nothing to do with peace, this is purely ethnic cleansing based upon racial discrimination.

Activists rightly find the principle of ethnic cleansing to be both repulsive and racist.

The exception clearly being when the victims of ethnic cleansing are the Jews.

The notion that an Arab state with such a platform of hatred could possibly live at peace with Israel is utterly ridiculous.

Gaza has been cleansed of Jews and has shown itself to be a precursor to what will happen in any land ceded by Israel.


Tredegar, Gwent


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