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These beliefs are outdated

Wilson Fitzgerald shows an amazing lack of knowledge (Write Back, July 13) in some of his statements regarding life's origins.

Firstly, the Big Bang is not part of Darwinian evolutionary theory; the term was probably first coined by Fred Hoyle in 1949, though the universe's origin was proposed some time before that.

It is sad to hear that creationists still state that humans descended from monkeys, when it is clear that humans and all monkeys and apes evolved from a line of animals that were neither truely human nor truely ape.

Both types evolved separately until today so that we now have humans and monkeys.

The line of descent from this common ancestor is backed up by much fossil evidence and has to be accepted as the most likely explanation.

Belief in something is not fact and surely it is better to accept a theory that can be backed up with proof, than cleave to Stone Age beliefs relying on superstition and magic.

BEAGLE Newtownards

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