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These parking levy plans are long overdue

I AM writing in relation to your recent article 'Town traders are up in arms over parking levy plans, so why won't you talk to us Mr Murphy?' (News, April 1).

The article states that the Belfast Telegraph has joined forces with local traders to oppose the proposed introduction of town-centre parking charges.

As a rural town-shopper I welcome this DoE initiative, which in fact is long overdue.

While in Belfast and Derry there exist quite a number of private commercial car-parks in addition to on-street charged parking, this is not the case in rural towns .

Private commercial car-parks cost almost three times as much as on-street or public car parking.

I read the minister's earlier platform piece and can see the potential benefits it may bring for shoppers like myself with young children and bags to manage.

The reality is that we have office workers and traders themselves parking outside shops and taking up spaces for those who want to spend in these towns.

I know that Newry traders lobbied for the installation of parking meters and now enjoy a reliable turnover of parking and subsequent trade as a result. CAROLINE BROWNE

Cookstown, Co Tyrone


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