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Think before voting for pro-abortion parties

OUR species is approaching a philosophical threshold. We have to decide on the value of the person.

Are we unique in the universe, individual, spiritual and precious? Or the alternative – generic smart animals only of worth when we are capable of production or consumption?

We seem to be choosing the latter. We cheapen life in many ways: from euthanasia to foetal experimentation and the testing of drugs on children.

But the worst has to be abortion. Global abortions in the modern era are approaching the two billion mark – human death on an industrial scale.

It is a hugely profitable business and women have to be aware that the death of their child makes someone money. Can they trust these potential beneficiaries to advise them?

Women's health is often cried as an excuse, yet they ignore the fact that a woman is at a greater risk from abortion than from birthing a child. Those who ease their conscience with the label "pro-choice" are giving tacit permission to the abortionist. Their hands are bloody by association.

Those who vote for pro-abortion parties – such as Sinn Fein and the PUP – are encouraging the introduction of monstrous abortion policies.

How the youngest, oldest, or least-able among us are treated will determine if we remain human or become biological machines – cold, logical and soulless.



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