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Think carefully at polling station

AT election time we are called to think deeply about our convictions. It is easier to be swept along with the 'group-think', and maybe by this means we can distance ourselves from the consequences.

There are people in our Government who will pursue their ambitions by any means. In particular, the use of violence has been very successful for them.

They refuse to decry the evil acts of the past. They say violence was necessary, whereas in fact it was only sufficient. This country could not have resisted external pressures for all citizens to be treated equally and the transformation would most likely have been more complete had violence not perpetuated our divisions.

These people went against the natural laws – which most people know innately – in ways that most would find repulsive, yet they have gained the power they desired. They think that they can claim arbitrary powers over life and death, but no one has the right to cause the death of a human being, unless their continuing existence will cause the death of another.



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