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This brilliant invention is as old as the hills

I READ with amazement of Google co-founder Sergey Brin sponsoring a Dutch scientist who was able to produce five ounces of beef in a laboratory for £250,000 (Saturday Review, August 10). This is scientific genius.

It reminded me of another brilliant invention that an organic farmer once told me about, which sounded deserving of a Nobel prize.

This system requires no inputs; animals consume a variety of materials that grow naturally, in abundance (gorse, bracken and grass) on land that is too rocky, hilly and poor quality to sustain arable farming.

The technique is called hill farming. And some people have been doing it for centuries.

The rest of the world has now caught on and I am sure you can Google it, so perhaps Google's owners are missing a trick.

This invention has become so prevalent that I found a similar number of ounces produced from it on sale at my local Tesco – for around £2.50. This invention is 100,000 times cheaper than Google's meat. Spread the word. Perhaps this could go viral.


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