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This country needs a new way of thinking


In his pep-talk to the Assembly, David Cameron said nothing new. He told us yet again that the constitutional issue is settled.

David should try selling that to the dissidents. If Sinn Fein members were surveyed on the matter, how many would agree with the Prime Minster?

But the constitutional issue is alive and active in Limavady. Boyd Douglas displayed a Union flag in the council chamber, setting the cat among the constitutional pigeons and reducing the chamber to disarray. The Assembly functions on the fallacy that the constitutional issue has gone away in the Good Friday Agreement. This agreement joins at the hip Left-wing Marxist republicans with Right-wing monarchists.

This toxic constitutional cocktail would be poured down the sink in any other democracy, but here a hoodwinked people have to drink it because our numbskull sectarian politicians can't serve up anything more palatable.

What is missing in Ireland is new thinking about the country. We have republicans flogging the dead horse of an all-Ireland republic, while unionists flog the dead horse of a United Kingdom.

There is unashamed new thinking which sees the sectarian British/Irish problem as constitutional and, therefore, requiring reform in a new constitution.

Where there is no new thinking, the people perish. In the deadwood of old, conservative thinking, people like Constable Ronan Kerr perish.

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