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This latest farce shows Executive not fit to govern

THE misuse of petitions of concern by both the DUP and Sinn Fein makes it apparent that the Executive cannot legislate on anything and is not fit for purpose.

We, the electorate, have seen petitions of concern being used time and time again to block all manner of legislation.

The latest farce concerning the capping of Spad salaries and the gay marriage vote makes it obvious the Executive is out of step with the electorate. It needs to get real, or they will be voted out.

As I see it, there are now only two options: either have a comprehensive judicial review on petitions of concern and have them very tightly regulated, so no party can misuse them; or else abolish the Assembly altogether and return Northern Ireland to good old direct rule.

The latter would be my first choice, since Northern Ireland, with a population of a mere 1.8 million, does not really need top-heavy self-government at all.

It could be done quite easily by an offshore call-centre, or the low-cost option: an ad in a bicycle shop window.


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