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This planned power line threatens my health

My name is Ellen Hamilton and I am an 11-year-old pupil at St Patrick's High School, Keady in Co Armagh. I live very close to the proposed 400kv interconnector lines that NIE is looking planning permission for.

I am really worried about the effects of this line if the Planning Department gives NIE permission to go ahead. People might wonder why I would be even thinking about electricity lines and pylons since I am only 11.

Well, this is the most powerful line yet in Northern Ireland and there is a lot of research to show that this type of line is very dangerous - especially for children.

I am only a young person and there are hundreds of young people just like me who live all along this proposed route.

I know my parents are very worried and it is a big issue in our community at the moment.

My bus route to and from school coincides exactly with the route of this line.

Nobody can give me reassurances - not even my mum and dad - that this line will not have a negative impact on my health, or my family's health. If I can't get these reassurances, then I think this line should not be allowed.

It makes me very angry when I am told by adults that this line can be put underground where it will not cause health problems.

My future, and that of all the young people along this line, is in the hands of planners, so let's hope they make NIE put this line underground.


Derrynoose, Co Armagh


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